How Much Does Towing Cost?

How Much Does Towing Cost

There are those sudden interruptions to our normal lives that crop up when least expected. For instance the need to tow your car after it suddenly stalls in the middle of nowhere, or at least far from the nearest repair shop. It’s something you never make plans for or want to go through but it does happen. Calling a towing company is not a big issue but the costs can be exorbitant if you don’t have experience in such matters.

When caught up in a towing situation, the first question on your mind will definitely be how much does towing cost in these parts of the city? What are the pricing criteria for towing? You may not have an idea so let’s try to solve this mystery together by establishing the average cost of towing a car per mile depending on your unique circumstances.

Tow Services

Tow companies offer services such as:

Every tow operation is different, so it might be challenging to place an accurate figure for every tow. We can only extract averages from trusted data and reports. However, fees charged by tow companies vary depending on the circumstances – like how far you want the car to go. If you check the websites of tow companies for their pricing you will strain to find a stated dollar amount. No one lists their prices; they only state their criteria for pricing. Luckily, we draw averages.

Average Tow Costs

According to Angie’s List report, the average cost of a tow is $109 with members reporting fee ranges from $50 - $125.From experience, tow fees can be fairly low, starting from $50 and can quickly jump to as high as $120 depending on the type of tow or the location. The base fee of $50 is often referred to as hook-up, which will be paid regardless of the distance of the tow. More mileage will often attract higher price tags. According to Cost Helper, the following is a breakdown of tow prices based on distance:

  • 5 miles or less: $35 – $125
  • 40 miles: $125 – $275
  • 100 miles: $275 – $600

Tow service providers will also find other reasons to raise the tow fee such as towing at night, on a weekend or holidays. Additionally, difficult terrains or bad weather or simply getting stuck in a ditch on a stormy day may warrant a change in criterion for charging, probably an increase of between $50 and $100 an hour. A tow due to an accident can be considerably higher compared to a simple my-car-is-broken-down tow.

Tow Pricing Criterion

So, should it occur to you that you need to request for the services of a tow company, you want to first calculate the approximate cost of your predicament before initiating your emergency plan. The base fee is always set at $50 and it is important to inquire the distance that the base fee covers (usually five to seven miles) beforehand. Also, consider the state or municipal laws on the pricing of tow services. Some policies place limits on the fee a tow company can charge.

Insurance and Emergency Plans

It is prudent for car owners to sign up for road assistance through their insurance providers, take membership in roadside assistance groups, or set aside funds for auto emergency cases. This will be helpful in relieving you (at least partially) of the tow cost burden.

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