How Much Does it Cost to Tow a Car?

How Much to Tow a Car

If you’re one of the many car owners that have had their vehicle towed this year, then you know how inconvenient it can be. The cost alone can be crippling, especially if your insurance doesn’t cover roadside assistance. In such cases, you need an emergency fund to cover unexpected roadside accidents. Why are towing services so expensive? Because they cover more than just transporting your car from the scene of the accident. The towing company must take into account your location and the unique circumstances of your situation.

Why Would You Need a Tow Service?

There are many reasons why you’d need a towing service. The good news is that most of these reasons are completely avoidable. For instance, if you total your car due to a severe accident then you’ll need a tow truck to come and take what’s left of the vehicle away because you won’t be able to drive it from that point anyway. You may also need a tow truck because you’ve left your car’s hazard lights on by mistake, which ends up eating up your battery. Without battery power, your car obviously can’t be switched on which means you’ll have to call a tow truck to help you get un-stuck. That’s why it’s always recommended to keep jumper cables on the back of your car to prepare for unexpected moments. Every car owner must also learn how to change a tire so you don’t end up hiring a costly tow truck because of a flat tire.   

How Much Does a Tow Car Service Cost?

On average you can expect to pay about $109 for calling the services of a tow truck. Of course, this depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of vehicle you drive and your location, which could increase or decrease the cost from $75 to $125.

Here are some of the most common towing prices as determined by distance:

  • $35 to $125 for 5 miles or less
  • $125 to $275 for 40 miles or less
  • $275 to $600 for 100 miles

Expect towing costs to go up if you happen to call on a tow truck from winding roads or mountainous terrain, during a public holiday or on the weekend. Getting stuck in a ditch can also increase towing costs by a considerable margin due to the added use of a winch.

But, if you’re just calling a towing company to help you move a broken car then you’ll probably pay a relatively low price, whereas towing cars from an accident scene tends to cost a little more than the average price.

How Does the Pricing Work in This Case?

Every tow truck company has a base fee which is also known as a hookup fee and can cost between $35 and $100. Over and above that, they also charge a per-mile fee which typically costs $2.50 to $5. Try to find one of those tow companies that offer the first 5 to 7 miles for free.

Towing companies must also observe municipal or state laws when coming up with their fees. If you feel that a company has overcharged you then you can always compare them with the standard prices set by your state just to be sure.

Vehicle Size

The size of the vehicle you drive will also play a role in how much the towing company will charge you. If you’re driving a 4-door sedan then you’ll probably get charged a standard fee. On the other hand, driving an SUV or 4x4 truck could end up costing you a pretty penny because of all the extra towing charges it comes with. You could be looking at paying an extra $10 to $35 depending on the particular company’s pricing policy. 

Cost of Towing per Day

After your car gets towed away, you’ll likely spend $30 to $80 per day just to keep it at the impound lot. In most cases, you’ll pay a fraction of this daily price just because your car was brought in during the day. This isn’t always the case though, so make sure to check with your city bylaws.

Main Services on Offer

There’s a wide range of services that come with a tow truck company. In addition to towing your car, the tow truck driver can offer roadside assistance as well. This means they’ll help you with jumper cables, fit a new wheel for you or bring you gas if you need it.

Here’s a list of some of the standard services offered by towing companies, just to give you an idea:

Flat Rates vs. Hourly Rates

While you’re at it, keep in mind that almost every tow truck company will charge you based on their own rating system. For the most part, they’ll charge you a flat rate just for the towing service alone. This rate may increase if your car breaks down in a remote area. Of course, you can always ask the towing company as many questions as you like before they come so you can determine the cost and maybe even compare prices.

Just keep in mind that if your accident has happened on some abandoned road or remote area, then the towing company will naturally charge you more for their services. Also, hauling a car from an off-road situation or coming out to help a huge truck from a ditch tends to add to the cost as well. These are all important factors that you need to think about when hiring a towing company to make sure that you get the best rate.

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