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There is nothing worse than breaking down on the side of the road or highway when you have somewhere to be. You know you are stuck and all your plans will have to be canceled or delayed. On top of it all, you now have to spend valuable time trying to find an affordable and quick-responding service to help you out of that sticky situation. Well, look no further! Just write down the number of our roadside assistance in Oakland company, and put your mind at ease.

Why choose us?

Oakland Roadside Assistance

We are fully licensed, reliable and available to you 24/7. We operate in Oakland, California and the surrounding area, and are quick to respond to your call. Our teams are comprised of seasoned professionals, able to swiftly and safely retrieve your vehicle from any hazardous terrain and transport it to your desired location. Our roadside assistance park is stocked with hook and chained tow trucks, as well as flatbed and wheel lift tow trucks for you to choose from if you have a preference. We understand that a car is a valuable commodity, which is why we guarantee it will sustain no damage during towing, otherwise we will cover the repair costs.

​24 hour roadside assistance in ​Oakland

Besides towing, we also offer a number of roadside assistance services. We have mechanics and locksmiths on staff who can do minor repairs on your vehicle on the spot. Even if all you need is a gas delivery or a tire change, we can help you out. You might have left your headlights or the radio on while you were at a meeting or a date, it happens to everyone. At your call, we will be right there to jump-start your car or replace your battery completely.

You are never alone – we are your friend on the road!

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  • Probably the best Oakland Roadside Assistance service! Thank you! Tom 01/19/2018

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