Roadside Assistance in Stockton

Vehicle breakdown happens when you least expect it – and you have to be prepared! If you find yourself in inconvenient situation like this, there’s only one phone number you need to have.

Our roadside assistance in Stockton company is here to save you! Whether your vehicle broke down on a highway or in the city we will quickly come and help you.

Why choose us?

Stockton Roadside Assistance

Our roadside assistance company is located in Stockton, CA. We are experts in towing, excellently organized and well-prepared for any type of breakdown situation that could happen to you. Our tow drivers have years of experience and they are trained to provide you any type of towing service you need – light or medium, off-recovery and winch-outs. All you have to do is call our office and tell us your location - and our tow truck will be there as soon as possible. We will make sure that you're safe and that your vehicle is towed to the location you demanded.You might be worried if some damage could happen to your vehicle in the process. We utilize both flatbed tow trucks and hook and chain tow trucks, along with a wheel lift tow truck. But if you don’t want your vehicle towed with a hook and chain tow truck there is other solution!

​24 hour roadside assistance in ​Stockton

We also operate with flatbed tow truck. Your vehicle will be carefully lifted onto the bed of tow truck, and then strapped down to prevent it from moving around. As you can see, this way we make sure no damage is done to your car, SUV or motorcycle. We take full responsibility for relocating your vehicle anywhere in Stockton without any damage and if something happen we will cover repair costs.

Our roadside assistance in Stockton company is your friend on the road! Our team is always available to help drivers in trouble – whether you’re stranded on highway or get locked out of your car. Just one call to our office will solve your problem – a friendly voice will greet you and guide you through whole process.

Breakdown is no longer something you have to worry about – we are there for you!

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  • Probably the best Stockton roadside assistance service! Thank you! Fergus 01/19/2018

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