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Besides the many joys of owning a car, many responsibilities and troubles come with it. Cars are not always reliable, and with a couple of missed checkups, they could stop and leave you stranded on a highway or at a dangerous intersection. It is best not to rely on luck and quick thinking to get you out of such situations. The best thing to do is is to be prepared. That is why you should write down the number of our roadside assistance in Louisville company, and keep it saved in your phone or tucked away in your glove box.

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Louisville Roadside Assistance

​​We are a locally owned and time tested business, working to provide you – the people of Louisville – with the best roadside assistance one can get! We hire only the most qualified licensed professionals to make sure you get top-notch service regardless of the issue at hand. Our company specializes in towing, be it short or long distance, wrecker service or off road retrieval. There is no vehicle we cannot handle. We can easily and safely transport anything from a motorcycle, regular car, SUV or even trailer.

24 hour roadside assistance in ​Louisville

Our company is equipped with a variety of tow trucks such as flatbed tow trucks, wheel lift tow trucks and hook and chain tow trucks, and at your request we will dispatch your chosen type of truck to your location. Besides towing, we also offer a wide range of roadside assistance services to suit your every need. If you’ve been locked out of your car, we have a locksmith on staff, who can get you back into your vehicle in no time. We will deliver gas, change your battery, jump start your car and change your tires. Our trucks are equipped with GPS systems to help us get to you as fast as possible.

Our Louisville roadside assistance services are safe, swift, reliable and affordable. We work around the clock, so be sure to call for all your roadside assistance needs.

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  • Probably the best Louisville Roadside Assistance service! Thank you! Samuel 01/24/2018

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