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You don’t trust your car as much as you used to? Anticipating some kind of trouble? It’s best to have our roadside assistance in St. Paul company's number saved in your phone, maybe even on speed dial, or written down somewhere close at hand. If you get stranded along the highway or your car breaks down in the busy city center, we are available 24/7.

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St Paul Roadside Assistance

Our company can provide you with a wide selection of roadside assistance services. However, our expertise is towing. Winching out, off-road recovery and light and medium towing are just some of the types that our experienced tow truck drivers can handle. Your safety is our main concern and as soon as you contact our office, we will send out a tow truck to assist you.

24 hour roadside assistance in St Paul

The equipment we use includes wheel lift, flatbed, and hook and chain tow trucks. Make sure to tell our representatives if you are not comfortable with any of these types of towing. The flatbed tow truck can be used to take your vehicle to any destination that you choose. Our St. Paul roadside assistance professional operators will put your car, motorcycle or RV onto the tow truck’s bed and strap it down to secure it and prevent any kind of damage or movement. We can guarantee you that nothing will happen to your vehicle, and in case it does, we will pay for full costs of the repair.

Our experts are constantly ready to assist you if you find yourself locked out of your car or stuck in a dark parking lot. A friendly person will always pick up the phone, no matter when you contact us.

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