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It pays to always be prepared. After all, better safe than sorry! That said, it is definitely a good idea to always keep the phone number our roadside assistance in Las Vegas company in your car. You will find that it will come to be really useful if you find yourself in a broken down car on the side of the highway, or anywhere else for that matter.

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Las Vegas Roadside Assistance

We offer many roadside assistance services, but towing was always our specialty, and it remains so to this day. We boast a team of qualified and experienced tow truck drivers who are ready to provide a versatile and reliable towing service. They can handle all types of towing: light and medium, off-recovery or winch-out. Whatever the problem you’re facing, all you need to do is give our office a call and we will send a tow truck your way immediately. Providing a fast and safe service is our ultimate goal.

24 hour roadside assistance in Las Vegas

We use a variety of different types of tow trucks: hook and chain, flatbed, along with wheel lift ones. If you do not want your vehicle towed with hook and chain, you can let us know and we'll make sure to send a flatbed your way instead. Once there, our operators will pull your vehicle onto the the truck’s bed safely, in such a way so as to prevent any potential damage. Once loaded, they will strap it down to prevent it from moving around or sliding off. In the extremely rare case that your vehicle should get damaged while we are towing it, we are willing to fully cover the repair expenses.

Our Las Vegas roadside assistance team is always standing by for any assistance requests or inquiries. Whenever you find yourself in a broken down car on the side of the road, or just locked out of your vehicle by accident, you can count on us for a quick and convenient resolution of your problem.

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